The Sound of Running Water: Finding Broken Pipes after a Freeze

Sometimes I get to throw down some lessons I learned growing up in New England, and after the five-day snowstorm and deep freeze we just had, now is one of those times. As anyone who’s lived through a January thaw … Continued

After the Hurricane: What We Can Learn From the Keys

My wife Betsy spent a few days in Duck Key in early November, approximately eight weeks after Hurricane Irma hit as a Category 4 storm with 130 mph sustained winds. It was interesting to see how the buildings held up. … Continued

Kevin’s Home Maintenance Tips for After a Hurricane

There are a number of things a homeowner could—and should—do after a storm. Sometimes you can catch a small problem before it turns into a disaster, or catch a potentially deadly condition before anyone gets hurt. 1. Check power lines. … Continued

Communication Series: How to Get it Right

Many years ago I built a summer home on Nantucket Island overlooking the harbor for a prominent jeweler and his wife. As was the case with most of the projects we worked on, the jeweler and his wife flew in … Continued

Problems and Solutions: The Anatomy of a Leak

Here in Charleston we’ve had a lot of rain lately and I’ve been called in to fix a lot of leaks. I was trained when I was kid by master craftsmen to prevent and repair leaks on Nantucket Island, a … Continued

Craftsmanship Series: Dick Kalman’s Toolbox

My father had a big, heavy wooden toolbox that he used to build some of Nantucket’s finest houses of the day. Forty years ago, when he had abandoned his hand tools for more efficient power tools, I asked him if … Continued

Problems and Solutions: Enclosing an Elevated Screened Porch

In the Lowcountry of South Carolina, many homeowners find they aren’t able to use their screened porches throughout the entire year. Whether it’s too cold in the winter, too hot in the summer, or pollen saturated in the springtime, the … Continued

How To Build a 3D Model House

Constructing a 3D model is an inexpensive way to fully understand the form and function of a house before it’s built.  It will be much easier to correct oversights and omissions during this phase of the design process.  This fairly … Continued

Featured in the News

Wow! It’s great to see the Gund home in the current issue of Nantucket Today. We built this home more than twenty years ago, and our photos of the house when it was new are almost identical to the photos … Continued

How to Make the Transition From an Elevated Porch to the Yard

Here in the Lowcountry of Charleston, South Carolina, many houses are elevated to protect them from flooding during hurricanes. Frequently the homeowner faces the problem of a living area on the first floor soaring ten feet above ground—or more–that seems … Continued